Iran Steel General Services Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was established in 1990 (1991) with the aim of providing commercial services, distribution and warehousing of various goods with a focus on steel products. This company has been developing its business since 1997 by participating in the production and conversion of steel products and using 30,000 square meters of workshop space and modern machinery.

More than 99 percent of the company is owned by the Steel Pension Fund. This fund is active in more than 40 years in 15 provinces of the country. Steel Pension Fund, as the parent company, is a shareholder of 17 subsidiaries in the field of mines and in the field of steel industries.

This company has been introduced as the trading arm of the Steel Pension Fund and therefore, with the support of its shareholder as the representative of this fund, is ready to carry out economic activities in all domestic and international industrial and mining fields.

service Center of Isfahan's mobarakeh Steel Company


In its 30 years of existence, Iran Steel Public Services Company has succeeded in gaining many honors in the field of mining and steel industries for its beloved country Iran. These honors include:

  • Export of the first shipment of iron ore from Sirjan Gol Gohar mine abroad.
  • Export of the first shipment of rebar produced in Isfahan Steel Company to Europe.
  • Design and implementation of the first mooring of super-heavy ships at the Hormozgan mineral wharf.
  • Marketing the first export consignment of Isfahan Zobahan wide-wing beams to Poland.
  • Exclusive sales agent of Wuji Jianfa Machine in the Middle East, one of the most reputable manufacturers of longitudinal-transverse cutting and leveling machines.
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