The main activity of Iran Steel Public Services Company is trading in the steel industry supply chain. This includes the purchase and sale of raw materials, steel products and other permitted goods, exports, imports, marketing, transportation and loading of goods, warehousing, distribution, etc., which includes a wide range of business areas. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the possibility of operating and investing outside the steel industry for the company, which adds to the breadth and diversity of the company's business areas.

Currently, the most important business activities of the company include the following:

  • Buying and selling raw materials (iron ore, concentrate, pellets, sponge iron, ingots, ferroalloys, scrap, coal, coke, etc.).
  • Buy and sell steel products (sheets, rebars, beams, pipes and profiles, tunnel arches, corners, studs, etc.).
  • Export of steel sections to CIS countries and Turkey, Iraq, Syria.
  • Supply, marketing and sales of industrial and mining machinery (such as loaders, forklifts, dump trucks).
  • Supply, marketing and sale of industrial and mining tools and supplies (such as Russian wooden beams required for coal mines).
  • Supply, marketing and sales of production technology and equipment.
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