Iran Steel General Services Company in order to gain a secure position in the steel industry, In addition to its active presence in the cycle of buying and selling steel products, since 1997, it has developed and set up a production service center in which various activities of cutting steel products and mechanized warehousing are carried out.

This center with an area of ​​30,000 square meters consisting of indoor and outdoor warehouses is located in Shurabad industrial zone of Tehran and with a variety of hot, cold, strip cutting machines, production of shutters, z and trapezoid in different dimensions, overhead cranes and Gates, forklifts and other required equipment as well as experienced technical staff, provide conversion and warehousing services. It is worth mentioning that this company, due to having a production service center, as one of the service centers of Mobarakeh Steel Complex in Isfahan, has an annual quota for receiving all kinds of products of that complex and based on customers' orders, cuts all types of Mobarakeh sheets with desired specifications and dimensions. And provides consumers with distinctive quality and competitive prices in the form of retail.

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